dissabte, 25 de maig de 2013

The Wolf's Monologue

   I love her like the first time I ever saw her. I love her sweet lips and her playful eyes. I love her voice telling me any inconsequential folly, laughing or crying. She's so pure, so alive, so innocent, so passionate. I can't live without her. Not anymore. I fear losing her. I become frantic every time she wants to leave. I need her with me constantly. And she needs me. She doesn't realize it yet, but she does need me all the time. She's too fragile, too naive. For me, she's perfect. But people do not know her, how delicate she is. People are evil. Today I tied her to the bed with a strap. It saddened me to see how she fought to free herself, and how she cried while begging me to unbound her. She didn't understand what I was telling her. She was not listening. I wanted to cry too. Never before had I tied her, I just had locked the doors and let the dogs loose in the yard. I am afraid someone will hurt her. I imagine her small, white body soiled by ignorant people, and I go crazy thinking about it. Her lovely lips touched by rough hands. She needs me, don't you understand? Let me go, for God's sake, let me go, now!
Translated by Lina Strenio

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