CV literari català

Guanyadora del premi Núvol de contes, Barcelona, 2016

Guanyadora de la Lliga de Microrelataires Catalans, 2016

Finalista del premi Tinet, Tarragona, 2016

Finalista del concurs ARC, 2016

diumenge, 16 de juny de 2013


Cradle of my stories, my tears and my smiles. Aroma of jasmine wafting from eyes that mask troves of tenderness and peaceful grottos. Sun caressed by the embraced hands of lovers strolling in the midst of silence and noise, of good and bad. Moon reflected in the voluptuous curves of the mosques that watch the night. Wind, making its way among streams of happy and angry people, dressed in all life’s colors. Smells and images and tastes and textures and sounds and memories and forever, for forever, from forever, dreams of sea and peace.